Archive for April 2021

In this week's episode we talk endgame, ghost hunting, and insulting cliffhangers. Next week you will see how wrong we were about what we were doing between seasons: it's Angel of ...

As we close in on the end of the season, we talk black comedy relief, Skype, and a surge of Criminal Minds' episodes.

This week, we talk about broken promises, torture chambers, and ASMR.

Our love affair with Prodigal Son continues with Count of Monte Cristo prediction and an unexpected flashback to Criminal Minds.

This week we watched that Allen v Farrow documentary! It was... rough.

In this episode we talk love interests, child abduction, and the death of meta-Tara.

Where we once again rave about Prodigal Son, talk metaphors, and how even Malcolm's dream therapist doesn't cut it.

In this week's episode we talk biblical law, slenderman, and misapplied vengeance!

In this week's episode we talk betrayal, mummies, and villainous pornographers.

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