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It has potential and we want to see the next season. However, there are problems (and, of course, some rambling).

A tour de force of a movie. Brilliantly written, directed, acted, shot, edited. BUT can we recommend it?? We do have recommendations on how to watch it. Sheila thinks you should li...

We were surprised at just how good a movie it is.  It added so much more nuance to our favourite arc!

You need to watch Space Sweepers; it has such a wonderful ending! As a bonus, the fake Elon Musk character is played by Richard Armitage!!!

A sad ending to a wonderful series.

Vincenzo 120

We'll never forget you, our consigliere - to paraphrase Mr. An

Just some rambling about Criminal Minds, but we have it on good authority that "xxxxxx"!  Dr. Redmond is preparing herself. And Lord, don't we miss Spencer Reid - hear us pitch yet...

Oh dear, Billy Dee Williams didn't get to become the mayor of New York. New York's loss, we suppose. Our thoughts on the last 3 episodes of Wiseguy.

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