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My  apologies - I (Sheila!) forgot to upload this episode yesterday. On this week's episode, we discuss the strange phenomenon of the universal culture war!

Welcome to Episode 103 of Profiling Criminal Minds where we discuss Psycho Cop, Werewolf Comics, and Twin Peaks.

Welcome to Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, where we talk about Japan, France, and Belize!

This week we talk politics, disease and sitcoms you can't miss! It's a weird collection of subjects, we agree.   Also... boycott Disney!

That's right, we're finally taking the plunge with Beyond Borders! It goes exactly as well as one would think it would!

Episode 101: The Storm

Welcome to Episode 101 of Profiling Criminal Minds, where we talk about terrible prison break plans and look back at season 11!

In this post-election episode, Sheila and Dan try to understand the American mind! It proves to be much more difficult than figuring out serial killers.   *At one point, Dan talks ...

Welcome to Episode 100 of Profiling Criminal Minds, where we talk about copycats, plastic surgery, and The Silence of the Lambs.

With the election about to happen our minds are pretty much focused on it - but we take a little time to discuss the late Sean Connery as well!

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