Archive for May 2021

In this week's episode we talk reruns, scripting errors and Owl Creek Bridges.

In this episode we discuss surgery, Alan Cumming, and net sleuths!

This week we discuss comedy episodes and elaborate schemes.

We talk about "our beloved coroner", creepy dolls, and sociopathic children. And the movie, Dr. Redmond talked about was David and Lisa - not starring Warren Beatty but Keir Dullea...

We talk about the week's rough news, then discuss a TV show and some movies!

On this week's episode we talk Negligence, Retcons, and Montreal!

Hold on to your hats! Season 2 starts off with a bang! Guillotines, exorcisms and prep schools abound.

In this between seasons episode, we ask the questions: "What book did the writers read? "What were the producers' notes?" and "Where is Dracula?"

 Season 1's cliffhanger of Prodigal Son made us buy Season 2 even before it even aired!

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