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Turns out we can be befuddled in our analysis when we are missing 14 minutes of an episode. Who knew??

Where we learn that if only we weren't such completests, we would have stopped watching this show years ago!

The Reaper on steroids. Listen to Dan's gushing about extraordinarily great writing as he watches these 2 episodes for the 1st time.

Where we talk about how Criminal Minds in set in a world that has no systemic racism and where homosexuality doesn't exist. We dare to ask the question: "Why doesn't Penelope have ...

Watching this make Criminal Minds seem like a first draft. We loved the first two episodes. Why can't we get this show on a streaming service? 

Part one of Dan and Dr. Redmond's Study Guide to Criminal Minds: the first 15 seasons. FBI good: Therapy bad. Is there any moral compass to this show? 

While we have a lot to say about the final 2 episodes, we want this show back. We need to know what happens next. We love Prodigal Son!

This week we talk about how to wrap things up.

Two brilliant episodes that made us so happy!

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