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Origin stories, protection rackets, and crazy relatives. Wiseguy begins in earnest.

Continued bafflement on the part of your hosts about what has happened to Criminal Minds Korea. We wonder: Is this really just a mashup??

The excitement begins! Dan and Sheila try to convince everyone that Wiseguy changed the world of television forever.

Remakes that baffle us. Maybe we need to take a course in Korean cultural norms???

Listen to us discuss Crime Story. One of the most violent TV shows ever that led to Wiseguy - which did it better!

Two stellar adaptations of Criminal Minds America. Listen to Dan finally understand why Dr. Redmond's favorite episode of CMAmerica is "Riding the Lightning".

Hear an explanation of "metacharacters"/"metanarratives". Then listen to us discuss our love for our favorite metacharacter: Spencer Reid. 

Enjoy more of Korean Criminal Minds. We are.

Situational relativism and child-rearing structures - can this show make up its mind?? On another note: HAPPY 154th, CANADA!!!!!!

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