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Dr. Redmond sobbed her way through this one. Brilliant episode dealing with Munchhausen's by proxy, physical child abuse and sexual child abuse, Stay tuned for our take on Criminal...

Well this is a rant! We cut it out of our Thursday's Wire in the Blood sobfest and posted it separately! We calm down eventually (well, sort of). Stay tuned on Friday (God willing,...

Next week, everyone, Next Week!!!!!!!!!!

Now 14 days to Criminal Minds: Evolution! We can't wait but we have to!!!

What a ride "Torment" was. And then there was the end of the first female Doctor!!

Turns out that we are very happy with the new DCI, Alex. An awful case this week but at least Tony is (mostly) fine!

Dr. Redmond doesn't give an inch on the contrivances in this episode, even as we say good-bye to Carol Jordan. :-( We anticipate meeting the new DCI next week!

Posted a week late, but we were busy. And we are so excited that CM is coming back American Thanksgiving weekend!!!

It's only a few weeks until Criminal Minds is back. We are so excited!!!!!

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