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We just couldn't wait. We just had to discuss these first 2 episodes!!

So different from the first episode but the journey is just beginning.

Meet Tony Hill - Dan's #10 for the scale of 1-10 in "Did profiling help in solving the case?" on his Castle Vardulon blogs about Criminal Minds.

While we couldn't recommend the streaming version, we wholeheartedly recommend the book. And, as usual, we managed to fix the only flaw that we could find in the book! Stay tuned f...

Click on the link below for the MICHAEL ROSENBAUM interview with ALAN RITCHSON on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast:

It has potential and we want to see the next season. However, there are problems (and, of course, some rambling).

A tour de force of a movie. Brilliantly written, directed, acted, shot, edited. BUT can we recommend it?? We do have recommendations on how to watch it. Sheila thinks you should li...

We were surprised at just how good a movie it is.  It added so much more nuance to our favourite arc!

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