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Aiuppo finds out how true the adage, "be sure your sins will find you out" is! One great arc after another despite the filler, "Call It Casaba". 

Call It Casaba - a harbinger of things to come. Le Lacrime Di Amore - Vinnie's future.

Where we rhapsodise over the chemistry between Paul Winfield and Tim Curry, as we argue that Vinnie is only an agent of change in this wonderful "Dead Dog Lives" arc. 

The critical music of this arc makes us cry. Claudia finds her feet; we discuss how truly evil Winston is; and and getting it the hard way!

The opening scene with Munroe Blue in High Dollar Bop sold us! We are such fans of this show !!

Our most beloved arc! Listen to us talk about Vinnie getting into the music business.

After 2 brilliant character development episodes, you get to watch the brilliant Dead Dog arc. Watch it here: The Dead Dog Arc:

Hear why we loved this arc so much despite its lack of Vinnie!!

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