Welcome to Profiling Criminal Minds Presents: The Inside - a mini-series where we discuss The Inside, an incredible show about hunting serial killers! This week - arson and a look into the heart of darkness!

If you'd like to watch along, here's the link to the playlist and the viewing order!


1. New Girl in Town
2. Everything Nice
3. Old Wounds
4. Pre-Filer
5. Loneliest Number
6. Point of Origin
7. Thief of Hearts
8. Declawed
9. Aidan
10. Little Girl Lost
11. The Perfect Couple
12. Gem
13. Skin and Bone

If you would like to read Count Vardulon's original reviews of each episode go to vardulon.com where you will find breakdowns of every episode of the show with additional material that focuses solely on the issue of profiling.

The first season reviews are also available as a Kindle e-Book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LGGQ6P2

The Kindle version has exclusive material that is not available on the website.

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